Review Policy and Scheduling

So for those wondering this is how I usually operate on this site:

I have set tags for particular types of articles that I will be posting, with these tags I hope that readers will know what to expect:


Retrospective: A look back at particular pieces of media or characters that take my interest

Opinion: My thoughts on a current situation within media.

First Impressions: Where I write my initial thoughts on something like a video game or TV series, that I believe will take me a while to get through and may or may not get back to writing about in the future.

Just Watched/ Just Played

The source of my film, game and TV reviews that are published once every two weeks. This allows me to take time in order to get my thoughts together and look at them as objectively as I can.

Monthly Update

Written at the start of every month, this will give readers a breakdown of future releases on the website.

End of the Year

In which I write about the particular pieces of media that took my interest throughout the year.

These are the types of pieces that you can expect every Saturday at 5pm GMT. Hope that you enjoy what you read.