First Impressions – Persona 5

First Impressions – Persona 5

The following is a first impressions of the first few hours of Persona 5. It contains no spoilers and is merely my own impressions of the game. Enjoy. 

A while ago I mentioned that I’ve played no Assassin’s Creed or Ubisoft games since the release of Assassin’s Creed, due to a lack of creativity and bad decisions on Ubisoft’s part. And unless something particularly good comes along I expect this withdrawal to keep going. But that did leave me wondering, what games do I want to play?

I’ve played my share of games, ranging from “shoot-em-up’s” like Titanfall 2 (which was fun) to big RPG’s like Final Fantasy XV, (also good) but have found myself realising that I’m essentially playing the same sort of games. I wanted to change that somehow.

Enter Persona 5. (also enter dramatic music)

Funny thing is that I first heard of the game not through trailers and such but when I heard about Atlus’s (the developer) policies regarding streaming and the backlash that surrounded. I got encouraged to check out the game from what people were saying about it and found out that it had some interesting things going on.

Persona is essentially part turn based RPG in an alternate dimension and part school year simulator, and requires you to balance out your school life with that of saving the world (or more specifically fighting corruption and ruin) Because hey, why should saving the world get in the way of learning about optical illusions and taking exams about Roman emperors.

As an aside it actually took me a while to find a copy of Persona 5, since it seems to be in relatively low stock in the UK. I don’t know whether that’s true elsewhere but I felt it was worth noting. In any case, I started up the game last week and gave it a try.

What I was worried about initially was how many complicated things that you needed to do in order to be good at the game; I was reliably told that there was so much to keep track of in the game, in addition to specific time limits in order to complete certain objectives. Time management is something that I was sort of used to though at this stage, so I didn’t have too many fear about that.

persona5 3
Image belongs to Atlus Co. Ltd. and those involved with production of this game.

And to its credit the game does a fairly good job of introducing you to certain elements of the game; travelling from place to place is a bit confusing initially, but felt that it was part of the experience. The RPG stuff was an aspect that is also gradually introduced, feeling like a brushed up version of Final Fantasy battles. So getting into the game wasn’t much of a problem for me.

I will say that at one point you do start to feel just how much there is to do in Persona; between boosting stats, going to classes and getting closer to friends, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. I actually kind of like that though, having to manage you time effectively and do all this stuff in a busy Tokyo is something I haven’t really done before, and I look forward to getting more skilled at.

And the design of the game is pretty cool to, very stylised with an anime blend to it all. I haven’t really watched much in the way of anime for ages, but this definitely makes me feel like giving it a go again (beyond abridged series anyway)

Persona 5 will likely be a back-burner game for me; something to work my way through while other games come out. But from what I’ve played so far (I’m only a few hours in) it does look very promising, and I hope for even better as I get through it.

Guess you could say it’s stealing my heart?


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