March 2017 – Hugh Jackman, Space Opera and Musicals

March 2017 – Hugh Jackman, Space Opera and Musicals

I realised near the end of this month that I should probably have some kind of monthly update system where I let people now what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

Hope this works out, so let’s get to it.

Just Watched: Logan (4th March) Now, on the day I plan to go and see it, my review for it will be due for release, so apologies in advance for any potential delays. But based on what I’ve seen so far, this one looks like it’ll actually be good, which is a change from X-Men in recent years.

Retrospective: Destiny (11th March) I’ve wanted to discuss my experiences with Destiny (the game, not the concept, though that could be interesting..) for a while as this year the second one is apparently due for release. So yeah, this could be seen as airing some grievances.

Just Watched: Beauty and the Beast (18th March) Disney’s had an interesting track record with their live action releases of late. I liked The Jungle Book film last year and I expect that I’ll like Beauty and the Beast too based on the imagery and Emma Watson’s singing.

First Impressions: Mass Effect Andromeda (25th March) The first Mass Effect game in 5 whole years… makes me feel old already. I hope this one is good. Though I do have some reservations considering how it’s been promoted (or not promoted) so far.

So that’s my set schedule for March of 2017. In addition to this, I’ll also be planning to make a start on the ever growing list of things I need to watch. With that in mind, I’m gonna be starting Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which I’m sure will be such a magical time.

Hope you’re all enjoying the blog so far, let me know if there are any suggestions or thoughts that you have either here or on the new Facebook page.



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